Cookies Policy

Most sites you visit will use cookies to enhance your user experience, allowing the site to "remember you" for either the duration of the visit (using a session cookie) or for repeat visits (using a persistent cookie).


What is a cookie?

A cookie, under the HTTP communication protocol used on the Internet, is a small computer file or packet of data sent by a website to the user's browser when the user visits the site. Each time the user visits the site again, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify you of previous user activity. Cookies are designed to be a trusted mechanism for sites to remember user activity information, such as saved passwords, items added to the shopping cart in an online store, links that were previously clicked, and more. This improves navigation, increasing the efficiency of the response.


How does Popular Villas use cookies?

Cookies help speed the booking process, allowing you to navigate from one page to another without retyping the same information over and over again. During the booking process, we will also use cookies to track the transaction.

The cookies we use also recognize repeated visitors on the site and attempt to record specific information, trends, and navigation patterns. This information helps Villas identify the behavior and needs of our customers by allowing us to tailor our marketing, offerings and information that may be useful to you.

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