Salgados, Algarve - Resort Guide

Salgados is a smaller resort, 10 minutes west of the bustling resort of Albufeira, perfect for those who are looking to enjoy a relaxing holiday, within easy reach of the beach, restaurants, bars and a golf course.

The Salgados beach is a continuation of the stunning Praia Grande which stretches for more than two kilometres of unspoilt countryside and sand dune. To the west of Salgados, you will find the wetland area of Salgados Lagoon, formed at the very end of the Ribeira de Espiche. Salgados Lagoon is a bird sanctuary, with over a hundred species, some protected, well known internationally as a bird watching spot. The Praia Grande nature trail, suitable for walking or cycling, allows the visitors to discover the flora and fauna of the sand dunes and the Salgados Lagoon.

There are a number of good restaurants and cafés in the area, including a Michelin awarded in Galé, however, a 10-15 minute drive will considerably open your options in terms of eating and drinking venues, to include some of the best places in the region located in the vibrant resort of Albufeira. A handful of shops and supermarkets are also a short drive away.

Salgados is the nearest 18 golf course, but within a 20-30 minutes drive, you will find some of the best golf courses in Europe, located in Vilamoura to the east, and in Alcantarilha to the west.

A 10 minutes drive north takes you to the charming village of Guia, home of the popular spicy piri-piri chicken restaurants, and the Algarve Shopping, a modern shopping centre with an excellent range of shops, cafés and restaurants. You can also enjoy the dolphins, seals or sea lions shows at the nearby ZooMarine ocean park.

Map of Salgados